Diabetes Care

Quality care and education for those living with diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 25.8 million American children & adults, and is the major cause of heart attack and stroke. Sparks Health System is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals living with diabetes through high-quality, comprehensive care and education.

The Diabetes Self Management Outpatient Program at Sparks is designed for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. The program will assist people with diabetes in learning to manage their disease. The program is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

What is Diabetes Self-Management? Diabetes Self-Management empowers people with diabetes by giving them the facts about how to care for themselves and control their disease. Finding a personal balance between diet, exercise and medical treatment is the lifelong goal of diabetes self-care.

What is included in the Sparks program? The Diabetes Self-Management Program at Sparks is designed to assess and provide for the unique needs of each program member. Through a series of three classes over a period of three to four months, the staff and program members become a team focused on the control of diabetes using a self-care approach. One-on-one sessions can also be provided as needed.

Helpful Services – The program offers other services such as urine and blood tests that can help detect any blood sugar control problems early, blood pressure and weight checks, and a one-month membership at Marvin Altman Fitness Center at Sparks.

What will the program members learn?

Your primary doctor is the major coordinator for your diabetes self-care. The program’s staff will be sure to keep your doctor informed of your progress while you are in the program.

How to Register for the Self-Management Program

Your doctor must refer you to this program. The doctor’s office may call (479)441-4076 to schedule your appointment. Medicare and most insurance plans will help cover the cost of the program. Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage.