Sparks, Summit Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

FORT SMITH, Ark. (Aug. 1, 2013) – Sparks Health System and Summit Medical Center are “flocking together” to fight breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, aside from skin cancers, and about one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

To raise awareness of these statistics, The Women’s Center at Sparks and Summit is unveiling a unique visual display to encourage women to receive breast cancer screenings. On August 1, flocks of flamingos will begin appearing at various locations around the Fort Smith and Van Buren area. The plastic yard ornaments will be on display outside a rotation of participating community partner facilities through national Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The bright birds, seven pink and one white, will symbolize the one in eight chance a woman has of developing breast cancer.    

“Our hope is that by bringing this statistic to life, it will inspire more women to get screened and to learn more about breast cancer and take steps to catch it early,” said Karen Dodd, director of Outpatient Imaging Services for Sparks and Summit. “We all have young ladies in our families, and we are flocking together so our future generations won’t grow up with the fear of breast cancer.”

The Breast Care Clinic at The Women’s Center is dedicated to serving women through a wide range of services including screening and diagnostic mammography, ultrasounds and breast biopsies, with a radiologist and surgeon available on-site. Breast self-examination training, genetic breast cancer assessment and testing, and breast health education are also available. The clinic is one of the state’s largest mammography providers and a Food and Drug Administration-approved facility. 

As a grant recipient from the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Ozark Affiliate, The Women’s Center has funds available to assist qualifying uninsured and underinsured patients receive mammograms at both Sparks and Summit. Call (479) 709-1913 for more information and to see if you or a loved one is eligible.

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