Dine & Discuss: Show Off In Sandals

Don’t let foot problems cramp your style. Sparks Foot and Ankle Center will get your feet ready for summer with a special evening Q&A seminar on surgical solutions for bunions, hammer toes and other common foot problems.

Join Drs. Jason and Kenneth Seiter, fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeons, for a Dine & Discuss Seminar from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 17, 2014 in the Shuffield Center at Sparks Regional Medical Center on Towson Ave.

Bunions and hammertoes are common problems that affect women of all ages. Bunions are an inward shift of the big toe and can cause irritated skin, blisters, pain when walking, and joint redness.

Hammer toes are often found in conjunction with bunions or other foot problems. Both result from wearing poorly fitting shoes including excessively high heels or shoes that are too short or narrow for the foot.

Don’t let fall fashion keep you from having fabulous feet this summer. Learn how treatment now can get you ready for sandal season. 

Registration is required for the free seminar. To register call (479) 709-3627 or (877) 709-DOCS.


Cost: Free

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(479) 709-3627 or (877) 709-DOCS


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