Sparks Health System Debuts 'Conscious Cuisine'

FORT SMITH, AR (January 15, 2013) – Sparks Health System is changing the way you think about “hospital food.”

Sparks Regional Medical Center is teaming up with Morrison Healthcare Food Services to serve a fresh take on health care cuisine. On January 7, the hospital debuted a new Great Living Menu for patients that balances good nutrition and great flavor. The goal of the remodeled menu is to provide all patients, no matter their condition, with healthy, flavorful food so they never feel deprived. Every meal on the menu is carb-controlled, low sodium and heart healthy.

Called ‘Conscious Cuisine,’ Sparks chefs are creating delicious dishes using fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, Certified Humane cage-free eggs and poultry raised without the routine use of antibiotics. The result is a culinary masterpiece that is both good for you and good for the community.

Patients admitted to the facility will receive a special in-room menu from which to select their desired dishes. A separate ala carte menu is also provided with “always available” ordering options that maintain the heart healthy and diabetic-friendly fare. Catering Associates will visit with patients prior to mealtimes to note their preferences and assist making proper dietary selections, if necessary.

The healthy eating doesn’t have to stop when the patient is discharged, either. Dietary staff will provide recipes of the featured meals to guests wishing to recreate the dishes at home.

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