Sparks Celebrates Women's Health

(May 8, 2012) - Sparks Health System is giving women a reason to celebrate their health. This month, the Women’s Center at Sparks is holding special screening events to empower ladies to take care of their health.

Schedule your annual mammogram during one of our Saturday sessions and receive other free health checks, including bone density screenings, blood pressure checks, cholesterol, glucose and other tests. Breast self-exam education will also be provided, as well as a new genetic testing assessment for breast cancer that’s only available at the Women’s Center.

Mammogram screenings will utilize top-of-the-line digital mammography equipment that is now available at the Center. Digital mammography is the newest technology available for breast cancer detection and is different from conventional mammography in how the image of the breast is acquired and viewed. The radiologist can magnify the images, increase or decrease the contrast and invert the black and white values while reading the images. These features allow the radiologist to better evaluate microcalcifications and focus on areas of concern.

The Women’s Health Center at Sparks is located in the Sparks Medical Plaza at 1500 Dodson Avenue in Fort Smith.